A very suffered, self-reflective arthouse project, which came to life as the author's attempt (Anna Alfieri) to cope with her life circumstances at the time.

Follows the troubled journey of Anna, a rebellious, unsettled aspiring writer and a bit of a fish out of water in contemporary London.

Unable to get over the only girl she ever loved (Robyn), and alienated by a society she doesn't seem to fit in, Anna starts making attempts to get back together with Robyn, while trying to get creative inspiration from her longing for the lost love.

Over the span of several months, and cross-cutting between different time periods, the two girls share passionate, dreamlike adventures in London, Scotland, Paris and beautiful South Italy. As the film progresses, the conflict within the relationship, as well as the deeply rooted inner conflict Anna is experiencing will become increasingly more apparent and we will be able to reconstruct the past events that eventually led Anna to the place she is finding herself in right now, in a crazy downwards spiral of occurrences.

Entirely improvised around a 12 pages skeleton and with a gritty non linear narrative, this highly emotional piece is set in London, Paris and South Italy and was entirely made by one woman, with the help of the tiniest crew, the tiniest cast and the tiniest budget (15.000 Pounds).