Anna Alfieri

Anna Alfieri
Writer, Director, Producer, Actress

Anna Alfieri is an Italian actress, director and producer born in Bergamo (Italy) on the 3rd of April 1986. 

As a slightly troubled, rebellious teenager, Anna dropped out of university at the age of 19 (against her parents will) and moved to Milan to study Method Acting full time in a small, independent ground breaking school (Teatro Primo Studio), where she trained for two years. After attaining her acting certificate, not really envisioning many working opportunities in Italy, and having being advised to move abroad by some of her teachers, she moved to London (aged 22), where she retrained at Richmond Drama School and attended several specific film-acting focussed courses, whilst juggling between occasional, part time jobs. 

After a couple of years Anna relentlessly started auditioning for any part she could get, and, over eight years, she ended up appearing in about 30 film and theatre productions, with either leading or supporting roles.

The catalyst for embarking on the production of her own film was represented for Anna by the frustration coming from the lack of meaning or message the productions she was cast in had for her, coupled with the sudden and dramatic breakdown of her personal relationship.

Finding herself completely alone under some very precarious life circumstances and desperate to create something meaningful for herself, Anna started pouring all the pain she was experiencing into the idea that later became her film “Borderline”. Initially a series of visions, thoughts, voice overs and memories inspired by the struggle she was undergoing. It is a process described by Anna as the “dance with the demons”, as it reflects a period of untamed, painful inspiration and utter desperation to express what she was feeling. All this mixed with a touch of craziness, which resulted in a drive never experienced before. 

All those thoughts and visions later turned into a 12 pages skeleton containing a storyline, which then turned into 40 hours of improvised footage, allowing improvisation to capture the rawness and truth of the story and making the most of the freedom given by a non linear narrative in using such an approach.

Anna ended up producing, directing and editing the film (which she completely self financed with the savings gathered in 10 years), initially more as a necessity than as a choice, but soon discovering it was in fact filmmaking in all its aspects and the magic that comes with giving birth to a film from scratch and the full creative control over it that she was truly passionate about, much more than just acting.

The project has since become for Anna the most important thing she has ever done in her life and what that has been keeping her going all this time.